Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc is pleased to announce the execution of an exclusive option agreement with ThromboVision Inc.

ThromboVision, a Houston-based healthcare diagnostics company committed to enabling people to lead longer and healthier lives, has developed and patented T-Guide®, a  diagnostic test to assist medical professionals with the treatment of heart disease.

Over 50 million Americans take aspirin and Plavix® to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Up to 30% of these patients may not respond to their treatment, leaving up to 15 million patients unprotected. ThromboVision’s T-Guide® responds to this need by providing a simple, inexpensive diagnostic test that can show a patient’s level of platelet stickiness, and their responsiveness to their prescribed treatments.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with Emerging Healthcare Solutions to bring this important medical technology to cardiac patients worldwide,” said Dr. Edward Teitel, President of ThromboVision, Inc.

Thrombovision T-Guide® could save thousands of lives by quickly helping healthcare professionals personalize their patients’ anti-platelet treatment to help decrease the chances of a patient suffering a recurred heart attack or stroke. The ThromboVision T-Guide® test provides near instantaneous information as to the effectiveness of treatments.

The option agreement gives the companies a mutual due diligence review period prior to completing an investment and profit sharing agreement. The emphasis in future health care will be on cost control while maintaining quality care from physicians.

Source:  Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc