productThe USB2000-FL Spectrometer in a gated fluorescence mode detects and quantifies fluorescence from endospores of the genus Bacillis.
     The procedure can test sample wiped from a surface and added to the contents of a disposable cuvette preloaded with reagents. The test takes about five seconds to perform. The instrument connects to any notebook computer. The system was tested on harmless surrogates for B. anthracis.
     The patterns produced by the endospores are highly specific, making it possible to discriminate from other fluorescent materials at the sampling site.
     The limit of detection is <500,000 spores. Analysis begins by swabbing the potentially infected surface. The swab is then placed in the cuvette containing the reagents. The cuvette is loaded in the cuvette holder. The software compares the fluorescent pattern of a standard with the sample and results appear on the software screen.
Ocean Optics
Keyword: system, endospore, detection, anthrax