sl03.jpg (8056 bytes)The EnteroScreen 4 is recommended for use as a single tube screen on stool specimens to rule out normal enteric flora and to aid in the detection and differentiation of Salmonella and Shigella species. EnteroScreen 4 is designed to eliminate the need to inoculate the 3 to 4 separate tubes typically used for this purpose.
     The EnteroScreen 4 system consists of four layers in a single tube: 3 agar layers and a petrolatum layer. The tube contains, in order from bottom to top, urea agar, petrolatum plug, modified lysine iron agar, and lysine iron agar. With this method, urease activity, lysine decarboxylase, lysine deaminase and hydrogen sulfide production reactions can be simultaneously evaluated. Urea agar, the bottom agar layer, is added to the tube to differentiate other non-lactose-fermenters, i.e., Proteus species, from Salmonella and Shigella species.
     The technical insert comes with an easy-to-follow identification algorithm in a flow-chart format.
     The EnteroScreen 4 requires the inoculation of only one tube per specimen instead of the classical 3 to 4 tubes, and negatives can be quickly eliminated. To use, put in the inoculation needle, penetrate the four layers in the tube, then remove and incubate. The urea agar can come up positive in as early as 6 hours.
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Keywords: microbiology, inoculation