sl02.jpg (10263 bytes)This company has added seven new totally retractable, color-coded safety disposable scalpels and a safety blade remover for blades with reusable metal handles to its family of sharps safety products.
     The safety scalpels are designed to allow full blade visibility to reduce the chance of injury. They are patented, and allow a controlled retraction of the entire blade.
     Blades retract with audible and tactile “clicks” to help identify open and locked positions.
     In addition to the scalpels, the newly introduced scalpel blade remover is a clear see-through hard plastic sheath that allows the safe removal of blades from all metal scalpel handles. The remover securely grasps, locks and contains the blade for disposal in an appropriate waste container. Available as either sterile or non-sterile items, the single use device works on any scalpel.
     The color of the scalpels is a high visibility biohazard red, to prompt proper disposal into sharps’ container. Each has a color-coded slider on the handle for easy identification of the type of blade. They are fitted with Swann-Morton blades, made from English stainless steel.
Keywords: Safety, supplies