Hot mirror filters

Deposition Sciences Inc, Santa Rosa, Calif, offers two additions to its advanced Heat Buster hot mirror product line. HeatBuster Xenon and Heat Buster UV Xenon hot mirror filters are designed to work with xenon lamps and feature blocking in the spectral band between 800 nm and 950 nm, where the heat output from the lamp is greatest. Developed to withstand heat efficiently, both HeatBuster hot mirror filters have high transmissions in the visible spectrum. HeatBuster Xenon also blocks the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum, while HeatBuster UV Xenon transmits the UV portion of the spectrum down to 340 nm.

Deposition Sciences Inc
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Sanitizes using UV light

A modular, nontoxic, in-line sanitization system that employs pulsed UV light to kill DNA and prevent microorganisms from replicating on virtually any surface or package is available from Xenon Corp, Wilmington, Mass. The SteriPulse-XL Surface Sanitization System employs pulsed UV light to achieve up to 6 log kill, which kills DNA and prevents replication. Featuring modular construction, with high peak energy lamps that destroy DNA, this noncontact system is designed for in-line processes and typically generates less than 100°F heat to prevent damage to plastic surfaces. The low-
temperature, nonchemical, mercury-free system consists of one or two lamps, a power supply, and a controller that can be integrated into process systems.

Xenon Corp
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Shortwave Infrared Video Camera

Low power use

Sensors Unlimited Inc (SUI), Princeton, NJ, offers a low-cost shortwave infrared (SWIR) video camera, the SU320KTSX-1.7RT. The low-powerless than 2W at 20 degrees Call solid-state imager features a 320 by 256 pixel format on a 25-µm pixel pitch, offering high sensitivity and wide dynamic range in the SWIR wavelength, from 0.9 to 1.7 Ìm. The InGaAs WIR KTSXs onboard automatic gain control, image enhancements, and built-in nonuniformity corrections deliver clear video at every lighting level, from partial starlight to direct sunlight. SUIs OEM module is less than 4 cubic inches, making it possible to integrate it into surveillance, aerial, and robotic systems. The SWIR video camera is also available in an enclosed module (less than 9.5 cubic inches).

Sensors Unlimited Inc
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