Diba On-Site Model Shop

Design capabilities

To decrease the burden on its customers’ internal design resources, Diba Industries, Danbury, Conn—a supplier of tubing, assemblies, and components for fluid transfer systems—now offers design capabilities to provide customers with a new solution to their fluid handling needs. A fully equipped on-site model shop provides quality-made prototypes quickly, freeing up customers’ design resources for other required tasks. Beneficiaries include R&D specialists and manufacturing engineers working for scientific and IVD instrument OEMs, as well as third-party contract manufacturers.

Diba Industries
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Electrical sterilization

The electrical sterilization system SteriMax, from WLD-TEC, Göttingen, Germany, is ideal for sterilizing inoculation loops, needles, and instruments, and for laboratories and safety cabinets where the use of gases and open flames is not permitted or is unavailable. Sterilizing the inoculation loop simply requires inserting it into the quartz tube. The sterilizing tube, made from wear-resistant quartz glass, reaches its optimal temperature of 900°C (1,650°F) after only a few minutes and sterilizes in about 5 to 7 seconds. The completely stainless steel design makes it resistant to even the most extreme laboratory conditions, and protects the working surface from contamination.

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Tharo PA2000 Specialty Tamp Label Printer/Applicator

Prints up to 58 labels per minute

The new Tharo PA2000 Specialty Tamp Label Printer/Applicator, by Tharo Systems, Brunswick, Ohio, is marketed as an accessory for the company’s H-400 Series of thermal/thermal transfer bar code label printers. The printer/applicator features a compact, 15 inches wide x 32 inches tall x 30 inches long design, as well as quick setup and changeover for applying labels to the top or side of products varying in height. The device is capable of printing and applying up to 58 labels per minute, as small as .20 x .20 inches, with or without a computer attached.

Tharo Systems Inc
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Thermo Scientific HERAcell i

Cell culture incubator

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Waltham, Mass, introduces the HERAcell i Series of cell culture CO2 incubators, which combines the intuitive iCAN™ touch-screen user interface with the ContraCon™ contamination control technology. The cell culture Series provides researchers with a reliable, easy-to-use system for their valuable cell cultures. The exclusive ContraCon system uses a highly effective moist heat process to completely decontaminate the chamber overnight, without the need to remove components. It is also available with either noncorrosive electropolished stainless steel interiors or with 100% pure copper antimicrobial surfaces to minimize contamination.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Quickly detects patients’ veins

Carolina Liquid Chemistries, Brea, Calif, introduces the Veintector, appropriate for physician’s offices and laboratories, designed to help solve the problem of searching for a seemingly “invisible” vein in a patient. The battery-powered device has a LED-absorbing hemoglobin property to locate and detect veins more easily than with the naked eye, and uses three different types of wavelengths: red, yellow, and a combination of the two colors. Its movable cover enables use in even the best lighting conditions. The Veintector’s slender shape and tie belt allows for easy handling and operation.

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