AUDIT MicroControls

MicroDROP™ Urine Dipstick Control

AUDIT MicroControls announces a new addition to its quality control product line: MicroDROP™ Urine Dipstick Control. A bilevel urine based control, the MicroDROP™ Urine Dipstick Control has values for several of the more popular dipsticks (eg, Siemens Multistix®, Roche Chemstrip®), and is available in both 5-mL and 25-mL dropper bottles.

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Biotest Diagnostics Corp

Blood Bank Reagents

The Biotest full line of traditional blood bank reagents are now available across North America, giving the US market another option to rely on for all of its blood typing and testing needs. The traditional reagents now available include: Seraclone® Blood Grouping Reagents • Biotestcell® Reagent Red Blood Cells • Rare Typing Reagents • Anti-Human Globulins • Enhancement Reagents • Control Sera and Red Cells.

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Centerchem Inc

Pefakit® Factor XIII Incorporation Assay

The only functional plasma-based assay for coagulation factor XIII activity, Pefakit® Factor XIII Incorporation Assay exhibits improved specificity and sensitivity compared to other tests. With a measurement range of 0% to 250%, it can detect severe deficiencies as well as increased levels of factor XIII, and it exhibits no interference from heparin, ammonia, fibrinogen, or a-antiplasmin. The kit is available in a microtiter plate format and includes all reagents for up to 39 tests. Manufactured by Pentapharm DSM and available in North America only from Centerchem Inc.

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Data Unlimited International Inc

Starfruit GeneTell® Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Physician, patient, sample, and billing databases; Mutation, variant, disease, and genotype databases; Instrument interface, HL7, bar code, electronic signature, quality assurance and control; Worksheet, workflow, protocol, image, and document management. Benefit: Track sample from accessioning, laboratory process to reporting and billing; Power search patient, sample, mutation, variant, disease, genotype, worksheet, plate map, reagent lot, equipment usage; Compile the data of genotype, mutation, disease, sample, patient, physician, test interpretation, and test methodology to generate test result reports; Automate disseminating reports via paper, fax, Internet, and HL7; Enable a lab to comply with 21CFR11, CAP, CLIA, and HIPPA.

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The Drucker Company

The Drucker Company manufactures horizontal and fixed angle centrifuges for use in medical, research, educational, and industrial laboratories. Drucker is taking the lead in the US clinical lab centrifuge market by offering personalized and dependable customer service before and after the sale.

The Drucker Company has recently partnered with QBC Diagnostics to bring quality clinical centrifuges as well as the world’s only dry hematology analyzer to the POR markets. Take advantage of our free, 30-day evaluation of any Drucker/QBC product and see why we are the leaders in the clinical laboratory.

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Euroimmun US

Anti-GAF(3X) IgG EIA

Euroimmun US will soon introduce in the US the new Anti-GAF(3X) IgG EIA assay for use in conjunction withTissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA for highly reliable serologic diagnosis of Celiac Disease (CD).

The new anti-GAF(3X) EIA is based on a completely new antigen, which reflects a peptide derived from native gliadin by deamidation through tTG. Therefore, this new assay utilizes a very specific epitope for antibodies for CD with sensitivity of over 85% versus 32% for tTG (IgG) and comparable specificity of 98% versus 100%. Parallel testing of anti-tTG (IgA) and anti-Gliadin(GAF-3X) (IgG) achieves the optimum serological hit rate and will guard against missing any patients with IgA deficiency.

Euroimmun US has a complete product menu for Celiac testing by EIA and IFA.

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Inverness Medical

HSV Type-Specific Multiplex Assay

Inverness Medical continues to expand its FDA-cleared, multiplex test menu with the addition of the AtheNA Multi-Lyte® HSV 1&2 IgG Plus assay. This new assay is intended for the qualitative detection of IgG antibodies to two separate antigens—HSV-1 and HSV-2—in human serum. Recombinant glycoprotein G (gG) antigens, specifically gG-1 and gG-2, are used to differentiate the two antibodies and assist in the diagnosis of herpes simplex virus. The AtheNA Multi-Lyte System is a multiplex, fluorescent, bead-based system using the patented Luminex® xMAP® Technology. It is designed to simultaneously perform multiple assays from a single sample in one well.

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Titin Antibody (TitinAb) ELISA Test Kit*

KRONUS®, a leading provider of specialized autoimmune diagnostic test kits, is pleased to announce the availability of a new ELISA test kit for the measurement of antibodies to titin (TitinAb). Titin is a protein of the striated muscles with an extremely high molecular weight. The immunogenic region of titin is located on a 30kD protein fragment. Antibodies against this fragment presumably cross-react with the epitopes of the acetylcholine receptors, making their measurement potentially useful in select indications.

This new ELISA utilizes recombinant MGT30 peptide providing for the accurate and specific determination of titin antibodies.

*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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David G. Rhoads Associates Inc


EP Evaluator Release 8 expands its capabilities beyond the lab by adding an inventory management module that makes it convenient for nonscientific personnel to keep the lab running smoothly and efficiently. EP Evaluator 8 shows the needs of a lab so that ordering inventory can be adjusted to ensure the lab is never caught short on supplies or overordering.

Other modules in the Release 8: INR – Geometric Mean & VRI • INR – Manual Verification • INR – Instrument Comparison

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The Binding Site

Gliadin Peptide Kits

Measurement of antibodies to gliadin is useful in monitoring celiac disease activity and compliance to a gluten-free diet. Conventional ELISA methods, however, use crude gliadin antigen and have shown limited sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis of celiac disease. BINDAZYME™ Human Anti-Gliadin MGP IgG and IgA EIA Kits use a modified gliadin peptide with superior sensitivity and specificity. In the small intestine, ingested gluten is broken down into gliadin peptides that are deamidated by the enzyme tissue tranglutaminase (tTg). These modified gliadin peptides produced by deamidation enhance the immunogenicity of gliadin, demonstrating improved diagnostic accuracy. Gliadin antibodies are produced early in the disease and therefore are helpful in early detection. Binding Site automation protocols are available.

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