FISO Technologies and Harvard Apparatus have partnered to distribute a new fiber-optic pressure sensing system for life science researchers. The FISO-LS is the first mass-produced tool available for multiuse, nondisposable applications. Its reasonable pricetag makes the product relatively accessible even amid ongoing economic challenges. In the United States, Harvard Apparatus will be its sole distributor.

With sensors at 300, 640, and 1000 micron diameters tolerating pressure ranges of +/-300 mmHg and 0-10 bar, the system is designed for intracranial, gastrointestinal, urogenital, respiratory, spinal, intraocular, and left ventricular pressure measurement in any preclinical environment. Signal transduction doesn’t depend on fluid-filled catheters, so researchers can avoid the dampening that commonly occurs with air bubbles or normal fluid transduction.

More information is available on the Harvard Apparatus website.