photoThe RIM A.R.C. Mono is a CLIA-waived five-minute visual test for the detection of IgM antibodies specific to infectious mononucleosis in human whole blood.
      The kit includes 25 test devices, one 8mL vial of developer buffer, one 0.2mL vial of positive control, and one 0.2mL vial of negative control. The test is performed by adding two drops of whole blood to the sample well. Three to four drops of developer buffer are immediately added to the sample well, and results can be read in five minutes.
      If the test is positive, two pink colored bands appear, one in the test region and one in the control region. A pink colored band in the control region only indicates a negative test. This test has a sensitivity of 98.6 percent and a specificity of 98.8 percent.
Remel Inc.
Keyword: test kit, reagent, mononucleosis