photo This Elecsys RBC Folate Hemolyzing reagent measures folate in red blood cells as well as serum, allowing laboratorians to perform folate measurements on a single platform (Elecsys 2010 or Elecsys 1010).
     For the diagnosis of folate deficiency, it is recommended that determinations be performed not only on serum, but also on erythrocytes. The folate concentration in erythrocytes more truly reflects the actual folate content in tissue since it is localized to more than 95 percent in the erythrocytes. Using the RBC Folate hemolyzing reagent in conjunction with the Elecsys Folate immunoassay helps laboratories determine erythrocyte folate concentration as easily as measuring serum folate.
     The hemolysate is stable for 24 hours at 2 to 8 Centigrade. Additional anemia tests for the Elecysys platform include vitamin B12 and ferritin.
Roche Diagnostics
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