A free white paper for clinical lab managers, titled "Effectively Isolating Anaerobic Bacteria," is available from Spiral Biotech Inc, Norwood, Mass.

The report discusses anaerobic chambers and gas bags as the traditional applications used
in the isolation and testing of anaerobic bacteria and related organisms, and explores a newer technology—the Anoxomat anaerobic system. It details comparative studies demonstrating the benefits of using the Anoxomat system versus anaerobic chambers and gas bags in clinical labs in terms of saving consumables, costs, time, and effort for clinical lab managers and staff members.

The report is available at www.aicompanies.com/anoxomat, or call (800) 554-1620.

Spiral Biotech, which produces a line of automated microbiology systems for hospital and clinical lab applications, is a subsidiary of Advanced Instruments, Norwood, Mass.