Clontech’s new Taq full DNA polymerase offers superior performance in a full-length Taq. It has been optimized for exceptional sensitivity and robust yields, allowing users to amplify from any DNA template, including rare ones. The Taq full polymerase is recommended for both routine and specialized PCR applications, including genotyping, RT-PCR, and primer extension; and for a wide range of templates, including bacterial and plasmid DNA, cDNA, and complex genomic DNA. The enhanced sensitivity and exceptional yields observed with Taq full polymerase translate into two advantages over other Taq DNA polymerases. The user can amplify a target using fewer templates per reaction with fewer enzymes in each PCR reaction. Taq full DNA polymerase is an ultrapure, high-quality, full-length recombinant version of the thermus aquaticus (Taq) YTI DNA polymerase. Taq full DNA polymerases are supplied with an optimized reaction buffer already containing MgCl2. The combination of enzyme and optimized buffer provides robust PCR performance in a variety of applications without the need for time-consuming optimization experiments.

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