productSugar-Chex II Linearity is an aqueous glucose linearity product formulated for electrochemical and photometric glucose meters.
     It is designed to simulate the viscosity and flow properties of whole blood without red cells. Handling and disposal concerns associated with whole-blood glucose controls are eliminated.
      Sugar-Chex II Linearity is available in five levels. The kit is designed to cover the linear reportable range of the most popular glucose meters. The new control is assayed for Lifescan One Touch Basic, One Touch II, One Touch Hospital, One Touch Ultra, SureStep and SureStep Pro; Medisense Precision G and Precision PCx; Roche Accu-Chek Advantage; Bayer Glucometer Encore and Glucometer Encore QA Plus.
     With one linearity, all meters in the laboratory can be verified. Included in the kit is a convenient worksheet for documenting calibration verification.
     Sugar-Chex II Linearity has a 24-month closed-vial stability from date of manufacture and 90-day open-vial stability when stored at room temperature.
Streck Laboratories
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