This company’s HDL Cholesterol Verifier kit contains high density and low density lipoprotein cholesterol from human and bovine serum in a liquid stable format. Volumetric dilution of highest and lowest concentrations provides a known linear relation among this six level set which is intended for calibration verification of most HDL and LDL wet methods.
     The serum-like matrix contains a critical blend of purified human serum albumin, human serum globulin and bovine gamma globulin in saline. Protein balance, pH and ion content are constant across all six levels for optimum linearity even with the most sensitive methods.
     This ready-to-use product is free of surfactants, glycols and azide. The fluids are packaged in translucent polyethylene dropper vials. Shelf life is ten months from the date of manufacture at refrigerated temperatures.
Verichem Laboratories
Keywords: cardiac markers, controls