Abbott Laboratories recently expanded the infectious disease menu for its AxSYM® automated immunoassay instrument system with the introduction of AxSYM® HAVAB-M™ 2.0 and AxSYM® HAVAB® 2.0. Both tests are easy to use and provide laboratories with sensitive and specific assays to aid in the diagnosis of hepatitis A viral infections. The AxSYM HAVAB-M assay provides results in 20 minutes and aids in the diagnosis of an acute or recent hepatitis A viral infection by detecting the IgM antibody to hepatitis A. The AxSYM HAVAB assay aids in the diagnosis of previous or ongoing hepatitis A (HAV) by detecting the total antibody to hepatitis A (anti-HAV). The HAVAB test also can be used to identify HAV-susceptible individuals for vaccination.

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