The SB100 dry heat bath and vortexer performs active heating, cooling, and vortexing of as many as 100 specimen samples in 12 mm by 75 mm test tubes arranged in strips of ten. Thirty-five fixed protocols are preprogrammed in the software, and as many as ten additional user programmed protocols may be entered. A seven-character keypad on the top of the unit provides interface and a printer port on the rear of the instrument allows for connection to a printer for downloading of operation logs.
     The SB100 uses peltier thermoelectric modules to accomplish heating and cooling of the samples. The modules consist of two opposing ceramic surfaces connected by thermoelectric junctions. Electrically biasing the junctions causes heat to be moved from one ceramic surface to the other. By reversing the polarity of the bias, the direction of heat flow also can be reversed. Thus, it is possible to selectively heat or cool an object that is thermally connected to the ceramic surfaces of a peltier module.

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