HistoRx Inc advances its proprietary position in measurement of biomarkers in tissue through the recent issuance of US Patent 8,121,365 protecting the company’s "Methods and systems for determining optimal dilution of a reagent." As the first in what HistoRx expects will be a series of broadening patents pertaining to its quantitative methodology, this patent protects the company’s capabilities in optimizing antibody concentration for quantitative immunoassays, methods required to generate high-quality reproducible clinical diagnostic results that precisely relate to biomarker concentrations in tissue sections.

HistoRx is developing diagnostic assays that bring the technical precision of clinical pathology to the anatomic pathology setting: objective, quantitative, and reproducible results for biomarkers in biopsy specimens should be available to all patients and clinicians as readily as accurate measurements of glucose in blood. In addition to the company’s cutting-edge proprietary AQUA technology, HistoRx is addressing other aspects of the pre-analytic and analytic phases of biomarker assessment in anatomic pathology. While reagent performance is assessed subjectively in traditional IHC methodology, the techniques covered in this patent optimize the range of the assay analytically, which provides superior results regardless of analytical platform.

"Analytical precision is a prerequisite for clinical accuracy," said Mark Gustavson, PhD, Director of Operations at HistoRx and one of the inventors. "This patent is further recognition of HistoRx’s leading approach to achieving objectivity and reproducibility in anatomic pathology."

Source: HistoRx Inc