Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics will host the upcoming Webinar, “Thyroid Dysfunction and Diagnosis” on Wednesday, March 13 at 1 pm EST. Tricia A. Bal, MD, MBA, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, will speak at the event.

Thyroid function is essential for optimal health, and disease must be treated. Thyroid disease can be broadly divided into three main categories: hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid hormones), hyperthyroidism (excess thyroid hormones), and cancer (inappropriate cell growth). Laboratory tests play a crucial role in the diagnosis and the effective management of thyroid disease. This presentation reviews thyroid hormone physiology and synthesis, thyroid disease and diagnosis, and includes illustrative case studies.

The event will explain the importance of adequate thyroid function and how thyroid hormone secretion is regulated, discuss why laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, describe the difference between subclinical and overt thyroid dysfunction, and review the laboratory tests are most commonly used in the diagnosis and monitoring of thyroid disease.

This program has been designated for 1.0 PACE continuing education credit. Not all participants may be eligible to receive free PACE credits. Please refer to your institution’s guidelines to determine your eligibility.

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Source: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics