A new ultrasensitive assay for the quantitative determination of human growth hormone (hGH) in serum and plasma is available for this company’s Access and Access 2 immunoassay systems.
     Abnormal levels of hGH can result from diseases involving the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, including tumors, infectious diseases or other lesions, as well as congenital or acquired abnormalities. Deficient levels of hGH can lead to dwarfism, while extreme excess can cause gigantism or acromegaly.
     The fully automated Access Ultrasensitive hGH assay offers excellent analytical sensitivity, deteting hGH levels as low as 0.003ng/mL. The assay also has low cross reactivity (less than 4 percent) with a 20kD variant of hGH.
     Results are available in as little as 40 minutes. Unopened reagents are stable for 24 months, and opened reagents for 28 days, if stored at 2 to 10 degrees C. Calibration curve stability is 56 days.
Beckman Coulter
Keywords: test kit, endocrinology