Balston® hydrogen generators produce flows of 90 cc/min, 150 cc/min, 300 cc/min, 500 cc/min and 1,200 cc/min of ultra-pure hydrogen gas. The flow of gas is released safely and conveniently at regulated pressures from 0 to 100 pounds per square inch gauge, eliminating the need to interrupt analysis to change gas cylinders.
     The H2-500 hydrogen generator has been engineered to comply with all current OSHA regulations concerning hydrogen. The machine requires little maintenance, and uses only deionized water and electricity to operate. It produces hydrogen gas through the electrolytic dissociation of water via a proton exchange membrane. The resultant hydrogen steam then passes through a palladium membrane. Because of the small size, only hydrogen and its isotopes can penetrate the palladium membrane. This technology produces hydrogen gas at a purity level of two orders of magnitude greater than desiccant or silica gel-based systems.
     Each generator provides ultrapure, dry hydrogen for a wide range of laboratory uses. Hydrogen gas is used extensively with gas chromatographs, both as a fuel gas for flame ionization detectors and as a carrier gas for high sensitivity gas chromatography with thermal conductivity detectors and hall detectors. Other applications include hydrogenation reactions and engine gas emissions analysis.

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