The SAM-I and SAM-IV specific air monitors are continuous monitoring systems that use infrared technology to measure HCFCs, HCCs, HFCs, and other refrigerants. The monitor’s optical design allows it to be compound-specific with virtually no false alarms.
     Concentration is measured from 1 ppm to 1,000 ppm and indicated on the monitor’s front panel. A SAM-I MAX monitor can display one sample point, unless an expansion module is added. If an expansion module is used, the monitor’s front panel LCD continually displays the last concentration level samples from each sample point.
     The MAX monitors are factory calibrated and require no calibration on start-up or for the first year. The SAM MAX modular design allows service and calibration without removing the system from the wall. Three adjustable alarm levels with a relay closure for each alarm level can be used to actuate external alarm lights, horns, or emergency ventilation systems. The SAM-I and the SAM-IV MAX refrigerant monitors detect leaks as low as 1 ppm with no humidity calibration required.

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