photo The recently introduced NucleoVision 920 is a complete chemiluminescence imaging system designed to support chemiluminescence, fluorescence and visible-light imaging.
     The workstation documents and analyzes blots, gels, autoradiographs and 3-D QPCR, dot blot and ELISA. The realtime detection and quantification is possible without expensive autoradiography techniques and the CCD camera’s long integration capabilities permit sensitive detection.
     The system supports images from CCD cameras, TWAIN-compatible scanners and phosphor imagers. At the heart of the workstation is the GelExpert Imaging software that provides integrated features for image preprocessing, annotation, enhancement, analysis, archiving and publication tools.
     Analysis tools include OD analysis, molecular weight calculation, 1-D automated multilane densitometry, Dot/Slot blot analysis, free object quantification, 2-D spot densitometry and dynamic image capture.
NucleoTech Corp.
Keyword: imaging, ELISA, software