This company has added an instrument to the Sugar-Chex Control assay. LifeScan FastTake is now included on the assay with the LifeScan One Touch II and Sure Step Pro; Bayer Glucometer Elite, Glucometer III, Glucometer Encore and Encore QA Plus; Medisense Precision G, Precision QID and Precision PCx; Roche Accu-Chek, Accu-Chek Advantage and Accutrend.
     Sugar-Chex Control is available at three levels to test the daily quality control of glucose meters. It provides a quick method to verify calibration of glucose meters.
     The control has a 15-month closed-vial stability and 30-day open-vial stability when stored at room temperature. It performs like whole blood, eliminating the matrix affect often seen in aqueous products.
      Sugar-Chex Linearity is a ready-to-use linearity kit for handheld glucose meters. The whole blood control eliminates the need for diluting and spiking whole blood.
Streck Laboratories
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