productThe femtoLucent high-sensitivity HRP immunodetection system detects low abundant antigens.
      It is based on a formulation of isoluminol, a supersensitive detection buffer, and Ab-horse radish peroxidase (HRP) conjugates.
      The femtoLucent allows detection of as low as 10fmg on dot blot and 10pg on western blot experiments. It emits intense light which extends over a working day, allowing the option to adjust exposure time from several seconds to several minutes for optimal detection of target antigens. It also allows for the option to reactivate after the original signal has been depleted.
      The femtoLucent kit includes detection reagents, detection and washing buffers and a blocking agent, BLOT-QuickBlocker, for performing detections on 5,000 cm2 membrane.
      Researchers can choose from conjugates and other reagents to allow for the option to customize western blotting experiments.
Keyword: immunodetection