This infant cradle pad is a 2 pound formed foam pad designed to comfortably position and cradle an infant for a blood draw or examination.
     The pad is coated with Guardian MGPX, a radiolucent, nonabsorbent smooth coating, which can be cleaned with any antiseptic solution. The can be easily moved, and stored when not in use. It comes with a pressure sensitive hook and loop fastener so that it can be attached to a wall for hanging storage.
     The removable belt is two inches wide hook and loop receptive, and can be easily attached with one hand. The belt can be laundered. The side walls are three inches high, and rounded at the base to help cradle and stabilize the infant during the procedure. The non-slip nature of the MGPX coating allows the unit to be placed on any smooth work surface.
Innovative Laboratory Acrylics
Keywords: phlebotomy