Custom Point Calibration Service

Temperature/humidity monitoring safeguard

Dickson Co, Addison, Ill, offers labs using data loggers or chart recorders for environmental monitoring critical to clinical tests’ integrity and regulatory compliance no-charge consultations on custom point calibrations best-matched to application requirements. Custom point calibrations (or user-specified temperature points) are specific points selected for calibration to ensure that a data logger or chart recorder is operating correctly in the operating range where it is typically used. Dickson calibration specialists can help users select the best calibration to provide the validated and certified calibration standard that is required.

Dickson Co
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G100 Incubator CO2 Analyzer

Bright, easy-to-read design

Geotech, Leamington Spa, UK, has designed its new handheld G100 incubator CO2 analyzer with increased accuracy in the 0% to 20% range and a bright, easy-to-read display. Readings are stable due to inbuilt moisture removal. Time-saving twin-probes check incubator top and bottom temperatures and difference simultaneously, and increased memory holds 1,000 readings. Options include O2 and/or RH analysis, temperature probes, data logging, and USB-link software to download, analyze, and export data, as well as to enable Internet file exchange with technical and customer support. It comes complete with a gas sampling tube, an external water and dust filter, a mains charger, and a user manual on a CD.

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Countdown timer

Control Co, Friendswood, Tex, introduces its new Traceable® GIANT-DIGIT™ countdown timer with 11/3-inch digit height. The timer can count down and alarm on a single channel, and the three-button intuitive operation eliminates reading instructions. It has Automatic Bounceback™ Memory for repetitive timing and counts-up during alarming, indicating elapsed time since alarming, and has times up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds with an accuracy of 0.01%. The device contains an easel bench stand and magnetic back. Its size is 31/3 x 3 x ½ inches, and its weight is 2¾ ounces; batteries are supplied.

Control Co
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Image analysis and gel documentation

Spectronics Corp, Westbury, NY, introduces its GeneLine™ ImageEZE—a basic, economical image-acquisition and analysis gel documentation system that can be used with or without a transilluminator. The system provides digitized images with an enhanced pixel eight-bit CCD camera with on-chip integration. The camera has an 8-mm to 48-mm zoom and a +2 diopter filter and UV/IR filter, and is mounted on a darkroom hood that fits easily over 8- x 10-inch (21- x 26-cm) samples. ImageSource™, the acquisition software, receives digitized images with the touch of a button and then sends the data to ImageAide™ for autoanalysis and quantification of the images—including band matching—in seconds.

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Real-time system monitoring

Data Innovations Inc, South Burlington, Vt, launches its latest Instrument Manager (IM) service offering, IMLink. The real-time monitoring system combines an intelligent agent installed on the customer’s IM system with a secure back-end system hosted at DI corporate headquarters. All communication occurs over a Secure Sockets Layer path, and all data exchanges are encrypted. The system also provides automatic backup of IM critical files, allowing DI to provide off-site disaster recovery assistance and aids in remote support as customers may easily upload files to assist in research and diagnostics and may authorize a remote access session. IMLink is free to customers covered by the company’s current support and maintenance plan and with the appropriate IT infrastructure.

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Performs 100+ assays

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Raritan, NJ, introduces its FDA-approved VITROS® 5600 Integrated System. The system is designed to integrate clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing to increase laboratory productivity, and can perform more than 100 different chemistry, immunoassay, and infectious disease assays. Its sample-centered processing approach accesses each sample independently and in parallel for chemistry and immunoassay testing. This one-tube-in, one-tube-out approach can optimize turnaround time by accounting for variable sample and test mixes, eliminating the need to split the sample on the analyzer or move sample trays between modules. The compact system has no water or drainage requirements.

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