CytoPlus Clip and CytoPlus Clip Accel

Two new cytocentrifugation options

HELMER, Noblesville, Ind, offers two new cytocentrifugation options with the addition of the CytoPlus Clip and CytoPlus Clip Accel packages. These new Cyto packages are flexible, simple, and capable of producing a thin monolayer of cells with either wet or dry sediment preparation. Both packages feature a 12-place quick-release clip rotor that is easily removed for fast and efficient processing. Each package accommodates volumes up to 4.8 mL and has a maximum RPM of 2,000 and RCF of 474. The Clip Accel package includes the Universal 320 centrifuge, and the Clip package includes the Rotofix 32A centrifuge. Both packages include the rotor, funnels (with filter card attached), and single-coated slides. Additionally, four-place, eight-place, and 12-place rotors are available in standard, quick release, and closed varieties.

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Integrated gamma-ray spectrometer

The ORTEC® Products Group, Oak Ridge, Tenn, of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology introduces its laboratory detector module, LDM100-GEM, an integrated gamma-ray spectrometer for fixed and mobile counting room applications. The self-contained LDM builds upon technologies developed for the ORTEC Detective family of portable nuclide identifiers. It is a compact, all-in-one unit that is quiet in operation and generates very little waste heat (less than 20 watts), making it ideal for small or confined spaces. The spectrometer is powered from a small 10- to 17V DC supply and has a built-in battery backup. Labs can create a complete gamma spectrometry system using only the LDM, a power source, and a PC on which to install the accompanying MAESTRO® MCA software.

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For noninvasive in situ live cell imaging

Cyntellect, San Diego, unveils its Celigo™ adherent cell cytometry system, a new platform for noninvasive in situ live cell imaging. The cytometer includes both brightfield and multicolor fluorescence modules and easy-to-use analysis software providing detailed cellular and subcellular data on each individual cell in the microplate well, whether adherent or nonadherent. The system offers a diverse range of real-time and endpoint assays and can analyze cells nondestructively, reducing the risk of cell damage and contamination.

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