Digital calipers

Traceable digital calipers from the Control Company, Friendswood, Tex, make length/diameter measurements two ways—outside and inside. Digital display models measure to 6 inches (150mm). Resolution is 0.01 inch/0.1mm. Accuracy is ±0.01 inch or ±0.2mm. At the touch of a button, units switch from inches to millimeters. Zero button instantly sets unit to zero when jaws are at any position. This permits setting a floating zero or reference point to read greater-than or less-than results with a minus sign displayed without calculations. Ergonomic precision calipers are designed for measuring the outside diameter of stoppers and the inside diameter of tubing. Easy-to-read jumbo digital display is 1/3-inch high. No lubrication is ever required on the slide bar. The calipers run on the supplied battery for 10,000 hours.

Control Company
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RA1 and RA4

Remote alarms

Remote alarms from Helmer, Noblesville, Ind, are designed to extend device alarms to remote locations. Two models are available. The RA1 offers monitoring of one device or zone, while the RA4 provides monitoring of up to four devices or zones. Operational at distances up to 3,000 feet, the alarms feature audible and visual signals and an adjustable alarm volume. An alarm can be silenced for 30 minutes before it sounds again. Both models are countertop, wall, or cabinet mountable and operate on AC power with battery backup. The RA1 and RA4 can be connected to a central alarm system and are compatible with devices that feature remote alarm contacts.

Helmer Inc
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Precise, simple scale

For critical microweighing applications, the new ME36S from Sartorius, Edgewood, NY, delivers a powerful combination of precision technology and ease-of-use. With a readability of 1Ìg and full resolution throughout the entire weighing range up to 31g capacity, the ME36S excels even in applications where ultra-small samples must be weighed into heavy or bulky tare containers. The display is separated from the weighing unit for improved weighing accuracy without interference from elevated temperatures or drafts. The ME36S is equipped with a flexible draft shield system for automatic operation at the touch of a key, and intelligent learning for precise movement in specialized applications. The ME36S seamlessly integrates into existing quality management systems, and a complete software package with built-in application programs provides improved flexibility with accuracy and efficiency.

Sartorius Corp
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