The IRMA TRUpoint™ from ITC is designed to provide immediate and accurate test results at the patient’s bedside. It measures pH, blood gases, hematocrit, electrolytes, and other chemistries at the point of care (POC) to allow physicians to make critical treatment decisions without delay.

IRMA TRUpoint utilizes electrochemical sensor technology with an interactive touchscreen that easily guides the user through the test procedure. On average, patient results are available in 60 to 90 seconds with single-use test cartridges. Each cartridge is self-calibrating, requires no additional reagents, and is stored at room temperature. IRMA TRUpoint is completely self-contained and portable. It features an onboard printer, data management system, and connectivity to address regulatory compliance, reduce medical errors, and enable clinicians to intervene earlier in a patient’s treatment.

For incorporation of data management and connectivity functions, ITC’s proprietary, integrated data management systems (idms™) is enabled for IRMA TRUpoint, as well as Hemochron Signature+ and Response for POC coagulation. This enhancement is designed to allow users to improve efficiency and lower costs by reducing the number of data management systems required to interface with their institution’s central laboratory information systems. The user has one source for managing POC tests for coagulation, blood gases, electrolytes, and chemistries.

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