Nikon Instruments recently introduced the next generation of its COOLSCOPE VS digital microscope. It features an integrated software suite for virtual microscopy developed by Bacus Laboratories Inc. The COOLSCOPE VS offers a virtual slide solution to pathologists, clinical researchers, and medical educators by integrating a high-precision optical microscope, a five mega pixel digital camera, Web server, and database. The COOLSCOPE VS allows users to digitize entire glass slide specimens, or specific areas of interest, and then create a virtual slide with quality and resolution similar to the original glass slide viewed on a microscope. The result is high-resolution diagnostic quality digital images viewable through a PC or standard Web browser, anywhere, anytime. The Bacus WebSlide Server, a personal desktop Internet/Intranet server, is designed to provide virtual slides for access on a network through the COOLSCOPE VS. The server allows multiple users to observe a synchronized view of a particular slide along with an interactive pointer and discussion window.

For lab directors, the COOLSCOPE VS provides archived data that facilitates specimen organization, reduces slide preparation time, and controls costs. For pathologists and physicians, COOLSCOPE VS images are stored in Web-enabled databases from which they can be shared with colleagues for remote or second opinion consulation over computer networks. Through the use of virtual microscopy and database technology, clinical professionals can access a large number of specimens from highly diverse sources. Sharing specimens using virtual slides can also further increase a sample size when specimens are archived on a database that stores slide specimens on a network or local drive for easy specimen retrieval.

COOLSCOPE VS generates brightfield images from low-power, whole specimens to high-resolution, sub-scanned regions, to full specimen scans at 40x. Micro and macro images of the specimen are simultaneously visible on a monitor through the unit’s five-mega pixel camera.

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