The Kimble Chase Custom Glass Shop employs more than 20 practicing glassblowers, including master craftsmen with more than 25 years experience and rated first-class in bench (hand blowing), and lathe (machine forming) techniques.

Custom Glass Shop products are made in US facilities where glassware production is monitored from raw material through finished product. Special capabilities include engineering services, microscale glassware items, graduating and calibrating, working with quartz apparatus, glass to metal graded seals, grinding and polishing, precision bore tubing, glass tooling, flasks to 72 liters, bottles to 90 liters, and technical support and consultation. Glassblowers at the Custom Glass Shop focus on rapid response and turnaround for small orders and custom designs, and are comfortable evaluating and repairing any manufacturer’s glassware.

Glassblowing is a highly skilled craft that is rapidly disappearing from laboratories around the world,” says Maryanne Gasparo, Product Manager at Kimble Chase “We’re pleased to continue producing custom glassware and repairing existing apparatus for our global customers in facilities that meet rigorous quality standards,” she continued.

Source: Kimble Chase