pn01.jpg (11076 bytes)New kits for measuring alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes on the SPIFE System are now available. SPIFE provides full automation of sample and reagent application, separation, incubation, and drying. Up to 40 samples can be separated per run, with less than 5 minutes of hands-on time. Both 40 sample- and 20 sample-sized gels are available.
     SPIFE ALP provides separation of the bone, liver, macrohepatic, and intestine ALP isoenzyme fractions. An additive in the gel matrix ensures separation of macrohepatic from liver and bone fractions. Neuraminidase is used for complete separation of liver from bone. Finished gels are clear for easy visualization of bands.
     ALP Isoenzymes are part of a SPIFE assay menu that includes serum proteins, hemoglobins, cholesterols, high-resolution proteins, IgG IEF, immunofixation, lipoproteins, and CK & LD isoenzymes.
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