photoThe Palm Laser MicroBeam system is for the precise microdissection, microablation and contamination-free recovery of homogeneous cell areas, single cells or subcellular structures.
     Microscopically small objects can be microdissected, captured, fused or microinjected with very high precision using only the forces of light for micromanipulation.
     A high-photon density nitrogen UV laser is interfaced into the microscope and focused through an objective to a beam spot size of less than 1 micrometer in diameter. The Microbeam system precisely cuts out the selected area or a single cell with a clear-cut gap between selected and non-selected area. No contaminating biological material is left at the site. Specimen of any shape and size between one and several hundred microns in diameter can be isolated. Unwanted cells within a selected area can be destroyed with a few laser shots to achieve entirely homogeneous samples.
     After microdissection, the isolated specimen is ejected from the object plane and catapulted directly into the cap of a common microphage tube in an entirely non-contact manner.
Carl Zeiss Inc.
Keyword: microdissection, laser