To help laboratories ensure data integrity and productivity, ARTEL has released a new LDQA™ service suite, a package of integrated liquid-delivery quality-assurance support and consultation. Liquid handling is a critical component in the identification, quantification, analysis, and testing processes, and the need for accurate and precise liquid delivery is urgent. Facing heightened regulatory scrutiny, increasing use of automation, and growing demands for data quality and low volume accuracy, laboratories are pressed to maintain stringent quality-control processes with limited resources. Laboratories from research through production can leverage ARTEL’s LDQA as a one-stop shop for guidance on all aspects of liquid delivery. This will allow scientists to make more productive use of their time while strengthening their control over liquid-delivery instrumentation and processes. By improving throughput quality and reducing error rates, LDQA will also enable laboratories to better manage costs and enhance productivity. The LDQA service suite includes five essential support services: automated liquid-delivery equipment qualification and optimization, manual pipetting training and certification, SOP review and development support, regulatory compliance guidance, and customized process support.

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