Life Technologies Corp is now accepting orders for the new benchtop Ion Proton Sequencer that is designed to sequence the entire human genome in a day. Baylor College of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, and The Broad Institute, have each signed up for multiple Ion Proton Sequencers and will be the first customers to adopt this transformative technology.

Up to now, it has taken weeks or months to sequence a human genome using optical-based sequencing technologies. The slow pace and the high instrument cost have limited human genome sequencing to relatively few research labs.

Between the benchtop Ion PGM Sequencer and the benchtop Ion Proton Sequencer, the Ion Torrent technology can cover any application. The Ion PGM Sequencer is suited for sequencing genes, small genomes, panels of genes, or performing gene expression profiling. The Ion PGM Sequencer’s features also make it a platform to extend into diagnostics. Life Technologies will seek FDA clearance for the Ion PGM platform in 2012.

The Ion Proton I Chip will be available mid-2012. The Ion Proton II Chip will be available about six months later. All products referenced are for Research Use Only, and not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.

Source: Life Technologies Corp