photoThis company and Instrumentation Laboratory are introducing IL Test Liquid Antithrombin, the first all-liquid chromogenic reagent for monitoring antithrombin (AT) levels.
     AT, the major inhibitor of blood coagulation, accounts for approximately 80 percent of the thrombin inhibitory activity in plasma. AT is essential for effective heparin therapy and prevents uncontrolled coagulation and thrombosis.
     The reagent accurately monitors AT levels in preoperative stages, before prescription of oral contraceptives and in the control of therapy with heparin or AT concentrates. The factor Xa-based assay offers a high degree of specificity with no interference from heparin up to 4 U/mL.
     For use on the ACL 9000 coag analyzer and other ACL systems, the kit consists of four factor Xa reagent vials (4 mL each) and two chromogenic substrate vials (2 mL each) for approximately 110 tests. The open-vial stability is five weeks when stored between 2-8ÞC. Onboard stability is 48 hours between 15-28ÞC. Calibration stability is one month.
Beckman Coulter
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