photoThis application for the determination of Glycohemoglobin (GHbA1) on the ATAC 8000 is a non-column cation-exchange method.
     In the assay, a hemolyzed preparation of whole blood is mixed with a weak binding cation-exchange resin for five minutes. During this time, all non-glycated hemoglobin binds to the resin. After the mixing period, a filter is used to separate the supernatant containing the glycohemoglobin from the resin.
     The percent glycohemoglobin is determined by measuring the absorbance at 415 nm of the glycohemoglobin fraction and the total hemoglobin fraction. The ratio of the two absorbances gives the percent glycohemoglobin. The reagent has a linear range up to 20 percent.
     The reagent set is available in bulk and unitized packaging. The kits contain ready-to-use reagents which require only the addition of the whole blood sample.
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