A low-profile chiller that provides reliable heat removal for lasers, EDM equipment, and other precision devices that use deionized (DI) water or other coolants with high dielectric properties, is now available from PolyScience. Capable of maintaining process temperatures from 41Þ to 95ÞF, the Druachill™ DCA180 Chiller provides up to 6,000 watts of cooling at 86ÞF ambient and is available with a wide variety of options, including DI water compatible wetted parts, conductivity control and display, ambient tracking capability, and a choice of centrifugal or turbine pump. The chiller measures 26.6 (H) x 27 (W) x 42 (D) inches and fits conveniently under most workbenches. Standard DCA180 features include one-touch temperature control with a large LED readout, digital pressure/flow rate readout, and analog/serial output capability. For optimal operational and process safety, this rugged air-cooled chiller also features user-adjustable fluid temperature, pressure, and flow-rate alarms, as well as high-ambient-temperature and low-liquid-level alarms. Also standard are user-adjustable high- and low-temperature limits to help prevent unauthorized set-point changes, plus built-in compressor and pump protection.

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