HoribaABX Diagnostics Inc recently launched a new hematology instrument in the US market. “This revolutionary Pentra DX120 uses gold-standard reference methods to produce an unrivalled double-differential WBC matrix,” says Jim Knowles, US hematology marketing manager. “This extended matrix allows for additional laboratory information on the lineage and maturation of white blood cells. In addition, red-blood-cell lineage now includes a direct fluorescent nucleated red blood cell (NRBC) enumeration along with comprehensive reticulocyte information.” The Pentra DX120 hematology system has a throughput of 120 samples per hour with the ability to provide automatic rerun of samples, validation of patient samples, and full data-management capabilities with user-defined rules. The system is managed by an external workstation capable of providing versatile patient data and quality-control management for up to three hematology systems.

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