March 7, 2013

Making Sense of Susceptibility: Breakpoints and Cumulative Antibiogram Reports

Host: Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI), SIDP, and ACCP
Location: webinar
Date: March 20-22, 2013

2:30 pm to 3:30 pm EST
This 50-minute presentation on March 7, 2013 will review some of the recent changes in the breakpoints, including how they evolved, and how they can be implemented; and focus on preparation of a cumulative antibiogram according to recommendations in CLSI document M39, and how to optimally use cumulative antibiogram data for prudent prescribing and antibiotic stewardship.

Janet A. Hindler, MCLS, MT(ASCP), senior specialist, clinical microbiology, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles
Sharon M. Erdman, PharmD, clinical professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Purdue University School of Pharmacy, West Lafayette, Ind