productThe programmable H107 ProScan motorized stage is designed specifically for the Nikon TE2000 inverted microscope. The stage provides resolutions down to 0.040 microns and repeatability to +1.0 micron. It has the ability to be upgraded with linear scales for increased accuracy. Adjustable limit switches are also standard to provide the flexibility of reducing the travel range of the stage to match specific application requirements. The H107 is fully programmable and suitable for a variety of specimen holders including slides, petri dishes, well plates, flasks and haemocytometers. The H107 is also compatible with the TE200/300 line of microscopes.
     This company also carries a range of high speed filter wheels and shutters, all controlled by the ProScan motor controller which can support a stage, focus motor, two filter wheels and up to three shutters. For more advanced applications, a sixth axis can also be provided to allow for a third filter wheel.
Prior Scientific
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