Milestone Medical has introduced PATHOS, a fully automated rapid microwave histoprocessor. The system was designed to allow the user to simultaneously process with speed and control different types of tissues with different thicknesses. It can process as many as 210 specimens at a time. Tissues up to 5 mm thick can be ready in 4 hours (instead of overnight), and biopsies can be completed in less than 1 hour to allow same-day diagnoses for better patient care. There is no need to change current grossing procedures, no proprietary reagents, and no cleaning cycles.

The system includes a resistance-heated paraffin cavity that eliminates the need for pumping wax, which can cause blockage problems. The work area is totally enclosed during operation, and there is a built-in vapor-exhaust system for the entire work area. A charcoal/dust filter is built in for stand-alone operation. To prevent accidental injury, a safety interlock system shuts off the rack transfer device whenever the safety window is raised. In addition, audible alarms sound whenever the system needs an operator’s attention.

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