StatSpin Express 3

Fast processing

Iris Sample Processing, Westwood, Mass, has introduced an alternative to batching samples and loading into a conventional centrifuge—the StatSpin Express 3, which can spin up to eight samples in just 2 minutes. Samples can be placed directly on the analyzer as more samples are being processed. With just two of the units, up to 60 samples can be processed in just 10 minutes—the time traditional centrifuges take to spin samples. The small footprint frees up bench space and can be used right next to the analyzer. The powerful brushless motor is maintenance-free, and the entire unit is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Iris Sample Processing
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Urinary Antigen Tests

Recommended as part of the New IDSA/ATS community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) guidelines for all adult patients with severe pneumonia. The BinaxNow® Streptococcus pneumoniae and Legionella antigen tests employ immunochromatographic technology, providing accurate detection of the specified antigen in urine samples. The tests provide results within 15 minutes, compliance with the new IDSA/ATS CAP guidelines, and a new level of confidence in discerning CAP etiology.

Inverness Medical Professional Diagnostics
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Plexus HerpeSelect Kit

Type-specific HSV serology

Focus Diagnostics Inc, Cypress, Calif, has received FDA 510(k) clearance to market the Plexus™ HerpeSelect® 1 and 2 IgG test kit, the first multiplex type-specific HSV serology using Luminex® xMap® technology. Available since 2000 in ELISA and Immunoblot formats, the product distinguishes HSV type-1 and type-2 antibodies. The assay demonstrated comparable performance to HerpeSelect ELISA in clinical trials. The kit provides laboratories with a complete HSV serology profile from a single specimen, in a single assay, using Luminex instrumentation. Plexus HerpeSelect is the first in a new line of multiplex infectious disease assays being developed by Focus Diagnostics that are designed to match physician ordering patterns for diagnosing specific infections.

Focus Diagnostics Inc
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Ensures proper torque

Diba Industries, Danbury, Conn, has released patent-pending Click-N-Seal connection fittings, part of its Torque Right line, to eliminate variables in tightening. The reusable fittings provide objective feedback that the required torque for a proper seal has been achieved, preventing excess torque. Tightening of the preassembled unit increases resistance against the installer’s fingers until the correct torque is reached. The connection then clicks, and further turning of the fitting does not increase the force applied. The installer can feel and hear the click that indicates the fitting is properly sealed, and the Click-N-Seal physically prevents any tightening beyond that point. This audible and tactile indicator lets the installer hand-tighten fittings without a torque wrench or guesswork. The ergonomic design results in less strain on the user, eliminates installer error, speeds field service times, and facilitates training. The fitting is designed to be unthreaded by simply turning it backward, and then it can be reused.

Diba Industries
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AxioCam Digital Cameras

Integrated into AxioVision software

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Thornwood, NY, is adding two new models to its line of entry-level digital cameras for photomicrography: the 1.4MP AxioCam ICc1 and the 3.3MP AxioCam ICc3. These cameras have been developed for users who work with laboratory and routine microscopes and simple stereomicroscopes. The cameras with C-mount adapters are designed for general micrographs of color objects when sufficient light is available, for example, for all bright-field micrographs in materials microscopy. They are fully integrated into the AxioVision software and capture fast, high-resolution live images (17 images per second with AxioCam ICc1 and six to 39 images per second with AxioCam ICc3). With an edge length of approximately 4 cm, the cube-shaped cameras are extremely compact. They require neither an adapter nor an external power unit, because power is supplied via the FireWire data cable.

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging Inc
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