productBlood Bank Order Online™ is designed to improve the blood ordering process by tracking orders and order completion, thus avoiding errors inherent in the manual process. It is currently undergoing beta testing using five test sites with 50 hospital clients.
     The software allows hospital users to place orders to their blood center, which will customize parameters and rules for each hospital-customer. These parameters are used to authorize certain types of components, modifiers, and phenotypes to the customers. The time by which the order needs to be completed will also be calculated based on customer-specific parameters such as order priority.
     If the blood center permits it, hospital users will be able to place standing orders. This feature allows the delivery of certain components based on a predefined schedule. The system will then automatically place these orders at the requested date and time. A "dashboard" feature allows a user to view and control the status of all pending orders. Based on parameters defined by the blood center, a user can see when the order was received by the blood center, when it was completed, and/or when it was shipped. Hospital users can also confirm their receipt of the order. If a hospital controls a local minimal inventory, it can record its current inventory every morning. This assists the blood center in building better production forecasts and helps anticipate customer needs.
    Blood banks will be notified in real time when an order has been placed. They will also receive an automatic printout from the email notification system. Based on the configuration that the blood center desires, they will be able to confirm the order receipt, order completion, and order shipment. If an order cannot be filled, the system will automatically generate a back-order of the unfilled components in another order that will be processed later.
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