At the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, Phadia US introduced two new products designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the nation’s 6,000 allergists.

ImmunoCAP ISAC and ImmunoCAP HR are new offerings designed to augment traditional allergy testing methodologies and enable diagnosis of complex food allergies at the molecular level, available through its own PiRL testing facility.

Immuno Solid-phase Allergy Chip, or ISAC, is a multi-array technology package designed to provide a detailed assessment of specific allergies as part of the initial patient assessment and workup. With ISAC, allergists can test for the particular molecular components driving the allergic disease process in patients. As a result, allergists can identify precisely those patients in danger of severe allergic reaction to allergens such as peanut, wheat, or egg and many others.

ISAC uses a small sample of blood to produce results for 103 components representing a wide spectrum of allergens. With this additional information, the allergist can then identify the unique sensitization patterns for every patient, enabling the development of a personalized allergy management plan.

In addition to the technology announced above, Phadia is proud to announce the availability of ImmunoCAP HR, utilizing proven ImmunoCAP solid phase technology. ImmunoCAP HR provides Highly Refined specific allergen component testing so that doctors can assess a patients’ relative risk for allergy symptoms through better characterization of the precise quantitation of specific IgE antibodies to various allergen components. With this technology, clinicians will be able to define the patient’s sensitization to specific allergen components.

David Esposito, President of Phadia US says, “Food allergies are some of the most difficult to diagnose, and create confusion and sometimes even hysteria with patients. With ISAC and Highly Refined components, Phadia brings personalized medicine to allergy and immunology specialists and provides the specialty community with a new set of diagnostic tools to complement traditional testing methodologies. Allergists can use component testing to further refine the allergic profile of their patients with a variety of allergies, identify cross-reactive allergies, and counsel for targeted exposure reduction.”

ImmunoCAP ISAC and ImmunoCAP HR are offered in the United States through the Phadia Immunology Reference Laboratory (PiRL). Phadia is introducing these exciting new technologies at the Annual Meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, in Miami. Mr. Esposito added, “This is an opportunity for allergists attending the Annual Meeting to learn about ISAC first-hand in order to better understand how this exciting new information can complement their existing practice.”

Mr. Esposito continued, “Molecular-level diagnostics represents true next-generation technology in the complex field of allergy diagnosis and treatment. We look forward to bringing this technology to the specialist community with ISAC and ImmunoCAP HR.”

Source: Phadia US