Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company, has released two new MicroTip™ assays for sale on the VITROS® 5, 1 FS chemistry system. The system allows these assays to integrate with the general chemistry assay workflow, providing enhanced service levels, advanced security, labor optimization, and cost savings.
     The new MicroTip assays are:
     • Antistreptolysin O (ASO), to aid in the diagnosis of poststreptococcal diseases such as glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever, bacterial endocarditis, and scarlet fever; and
     • Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT), to aid in the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver and pulmonary emphysema.

     VITROS MicroTip technology features disposable tips and cuvettes, which eliminates the maintenance, cost, and risk of sample and reagent carryover and cross-contamination associated with traditional chemistry systems.
     The VITROS 5, 1 FS chemistry system offers design advantages in addition to menu expansion. The system features Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics’ MicroSlide™ technology for the highest reportable result efficiency, and Intellicheck® technology for system monitoring, advanced clot and bubble-detection management, and intelligent error reduction. MicroSensor™ technology provides rapid (0.75-second), reagentless sample quality/indices assessment and flags only the impacted tests, saving time and minimizing the opportunity for the reporting of erroneous results.

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