STELLARA™ clinical intervention and patient-monitoring software from bioMérieux Inc provides infectious disease-specific recommendations to clinicians for medication treatment management based upon individual patient profiles, lab results, and parameters.
     The software integrates microbiology results—such as identification, susceptibility, and resistance—from bioMérieux’s BacTAlert® and VITEK® systems directly to the pharmacist and clinician to allow quicker and more accurate treatment decisions for the patient. The availability of this real-time information allows clinicians to rapidly match the identified bacteria to the most effective antibiotics, avoiding potential medication errors and reducing chances of costly adverse drug events, thus shortening hospital stays.
     STELLARA also offers clinicians access to data across a single hospital or throughout a hospital system to identify trends of bacteria and antibiotic susceptibility and resistance, giving the clinician a more complete picture of the local environment. Additionally, the clinician is automatically alerted if a drug interaction is likely, which increases the opportunity for intervention and decreases the chances of an adverse drug event.

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