Beckman Coulter offers automation that fits a variety of lab-testing needs, from stand-alone work cells to integrated and comprehensive automation systems. The solutions aid in all phases of the testing process, from preanalytical sample preparation to postanalytics.
     The company’s Power Processor sample-processing system performs sample login, cap removal, centrifugation, and serum level measurement. In addition, it sorts samples into the appropriate tube racks.
     The company’s solutions also include the COULTER® LH 1500 series hematology automation system, which offers sample tracking, sorting, and automated cassette loading and unloading, as well as automatic repeat and reflex testing. The system manages rerun and reflex testing requirements without operator intervention based on programmable decision rules such as age, gender, physician, and location.
     Configurations in the LH 1500 series may include an inlet unit with 200-sample capacity, an outlet unit with 200-sample capacity, a stockyard with 1,000-tube capacity, and an LH connection unit. As many as four COULTER LH 750 hematology analyzers or COULTER LH 755 hematology work cells can be connected to the automation line.

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