PerkinElmer Inc. announces 26% growth of the on-site servicing and support component of its OneSource® Laboratory Services business in the US during 2008. 

OneSource provides customers with significant cost savings combined with improved service quality and delivery by consolidating laboratory services under one provider.

OneSource provides an extensive portfolio of laboratory services including corrective and preventive maintenance, qualification and calibration, laboratory relocation and asset disposition. OneSource onsite services now covers more than 55,000 analytical and life science laboratory assets at 52 sites across the US, ranging from general apparatus (such as refrigerators, freezers, balances and dissolution technology) to multi-component hyphenated instrumentation (such as LC/MS/MS) from a broad array of scientific equipment manufacturers. 

In 2008, OneSource broadened its portfolio of regulatory compliance services with the acquisition of LabMetrix Technologies SA, and now offers one of the industry’s most robust instrument qualification solutions.

Combining an advanced, patented, metrology-based approach with proven processes and compliance expertise, OneSource is helping more laboratories achieve their financial, operational, and scientific goals. While strategically addressing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, OneSource is now increasingly being employed in industries ranging from crop science and animal health to cosmetics, consumer health care, and chemicals.

On the expansion of customer partnerships, Dusty Tenney, president, Laboratory Services, PerkinElmer, comments, “We are pleased with our latest customer opportunities. With 10 new sites implementing our OneSource on-site solution in the U.S. last year, we look forward to partnering with even more customers to increase laboratory productivity and reduce laboratory service costs during this economic downturn. Our multi-vendor solutions allow scientists to concentrate on research, while we focus on providing best-in-class service and quality to maintain and ensure the regulatory compliance of their equipment.”

Source: PerkinElmer