pn01.jpg (13456 bytes)This company has announced the introduction of a new line of Platelet Activity Study test kits. The kits include the ADIAflo GP, GPllb/llla, GP-TRIO and HPA-1 flow cytometry assays for platelet glycoprotein analysis, the Imuclone Platelet Factor 4 (PF4) ELISA test kit and ADIAgel tubes for platelet washing, separation, filtration, concentration or transport.
     All of the assays can be run individually or in parallel as part of an integrated platelet activity test panel. Both the ADIAflo and Imuclone PF4 test kits come complete with all necessary reagents and testing components.
     ADIAgel tubes are available for isolating platelets from biological samples without the risk of platelet activation. They require only 200 (ul) of platelet rich plasma.
American Diagnostica
Keywords: coagulation